Programme of Our Meetings

SUNDAYS – Open to the Public

05.00pm – 05.45pm – Preliminary Meeting
05.45pm – 06.30pm – Study of the psychological series by the Spiritual Benefactor Joanna de Ângelis – (Portuguese)
06.30pm – 07.15pm – Study of The Spirits’ Book – (Portuguese)
07.15pm – 07.45pm – Public Talks – (Portuguese)
07.45pm – 08.00pm – Healing (optional)
08.00pm – 09.00pm – Spiritist Counselling
08.00pm – 09.00pm – Fraternal Meeting
08.00pm – 09.00pm – Spiritist Bookshop
08.00pm – 09.00pm – Library

– Interactive Study – Open to the Public

07.00pm – 08.30pm – Study of The Gospel According to Spiritism – (Portuguese)
08.30pm – 09.30pm – Spiritist Counselling

– Interactive Study – Open to the Public

05.20pm – 06.30pm – Study: SPIRITISM, Inspiring Lives – (English)
07.00pm – 09.00pm – (Course) Study of The Mediums Book and Mediumship – by enrolment only(Portuguese)


Description of Activities

Preliminary Meeting                                                                                   
Interactive meeting aiming to clarify and guide newcomers to the Spiritist Psychological Society, in regards to its activities as a Spiritist establishment and organization, as well as about the fundamental principles of the Spiritist Doctrine and about spiritual treatment. This meeting also gives the time for workers to interact and discuss the development of Society’s activities.

Public Meeting                                                                                        

Meeting to disseminate the Spiritist message through study and talks, offering clarification and console. It has different aspects, such as: interactive meetings, talks using powerpoint presentations, lectures, etc. On Sundays there are interactive study meetings and lectures covering subjects within Spiritism; on Mondays, interactive meetings where the Gospel according to Spiritism is studied and analysed.
Mediumship Meeting                                                                                
Private mediumship meeting, as a complimentary activity to the spiritual treatment, through the explanation and clarification of Spiritism to spirits in need.
Self Knowledge Study                                                                            


Study of the psychological series by the Spiritual Benefactor Joanna de Angelis. As one of Jesus’ and Kardec’s co-workers, She aims to assist human kind, teaching that the Spiritist doctrine, in both its theoretical and applied aspects, becomes a facilitating mechanism that leads to self discovery and consequently to the meeting between creature and Creator. It follows the group study methodology, which is interactive.


Systematic Study of the Spiritist Doctrine                                                  

Study and analysis of the fundamental principles of the Spiritist Doctrine, in its scientific, philosophical and religious aspects. It adopts group study methodology, using as the main resource The Spirits’ Book and The Mediums’ Book; and encourages active participation from those present. Its objective is to offer the opportunity to get to know the Spiritist Doctrine and practice Jesus’ teaching, recognising oneself as an integral being, who participates in the social context where one lives.

Systematic Study of the Gospel                                                             

Study of the Gospel according to Spiritism. This provides support to spiritual treatment and an opportunity to study the truth found in Jesus Gospel, within the moral-spiritual aspect. It offers the opportunity to get to know the Spiritist Doctrine and practice Jesus’ teachings, in this way enabling people to develop their virtues and qualifying them to live a better life.

Systematic Study of Mediumship                                                           

Group study with the objective of deepening the knowledge on mediumship, as well as, promoting mediumship education, that is, the education for an integral being. Interactive meeting, studying the Mediums Book and Mediumship. 
Public Talks                                                                                          
Doctrinal themes, covering Spiritism on its triple dimension: science, philosophy and religion.

Healing (optional)                                                                                            

Transfusion of energy, through the lay of hands on people who are in need of regaining physical and spiritual balance and which to benefit from it; is used as part of spiritual treatment.  

Spiritist Counselling 
Spiritist Counselling is an opportunity available to anyone needing and/or wanting to talk through any personal issues, or wanting to discuss any questions about how Spiritism can benefit them.

This service is provided free of charge to all members of the public, regardless of their faith, gender, age, ethnic origin or nationality. It can be accessed by English and Portuguese speakers.

This work is based on the belief that we are all children of God, placed on Earth to grow spiritually and help one another during this process of spiritual development. Therefore the objectives are to promote self knowledge, self improvement, spiritual well being and spiritual awareness. This is done by talking through individual issues within a Spiritist context, consequently aiming to offer guidance, answer questions and provide support, based on Spiritist teachings.

Social  Assistance                                                                                   

Material and spiritual assistance to people in social need, who live close by this Spiritist Society. It aims to promote better conditions and a chance for people to raise above their low social economic situation, with repercussion on their moral-spiritual status, by means of the “kilo campaign”, facilitating survival and improving quality of life, working in collaboration with St. Cuthbert´s Centre. The Society is also engaged in the community, throught it´s members, on voluntary basis, joing forces with the Missionary of Charity, assisting our brothers in Humanity.

Fraternal Meeting                                                                             
Fraternal meeting amongst workers and those who attend the Spiritist Psychological Society.   

Spiritist Bookshop

It sells Spiritist books, CDs, DVDs and t-shirts to the general public.


It provides the opportunity to borrow Spiritist books, CDs, DVDs to all members of the Society.  



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