Social Assistance

Department of Social Assistance

“Kilo Campaign”  & Community Assistance

As members of the universal family and believing in the practice of goodness wherever we are, the Society, through its Department of Social Assistance, is involved with the “Kilo Campaign”, whereby our members, through voluntary donations contribute in providing food for our brothers and sisters in the Earl´s Court area, by supporting the St Cuthbert´s Centre, which assists around 350 people on a weekly basis. They are people who are otherwise excluded, homeless, isolated, unskilled, poor and often confused.

All donations are welcome, either from our members or anyone who wishes to engage in this work of love.

The donated items are handed over to St Cuthbert´s Centre, where they will be given directly to the people who are helped, or used in the kitchen to provide meals for them.

The Society is also engaged in the community, assisting the organization Missionary of Charity.  

For more information on how to become involve in this work of social assistance, please contact us.

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